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Ego Shots: Triggers for Growth

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As consultants to business, we set internal personal benchmarks and goals for our clients. Most of these are not shared with the owner or manager at the outset. We share this information after the clients reach the benchmarks and goals. As we observe and gather in-depth research on how the business operates, we look for areas of the firm where “the same old, same old” has become the status quo. Most common is when the status quo is at a comfort level in the business that obstructs growth. Some general status quos include not actively seeking feedback from clients, having outdated information on the website, or when marketing has stopped. Complacency is a big red flag for us and commonly encountered when the company is running the owner, which indicates passivity. It isn’t a good environment for a healthy, growing business.

The most common benchmark for our clients is the Ego Shot. The Ego Shot is a business phenomenon that is rather easy to identify. The tricky part is correcting the issue that has threaded its way throughout the firm. Sometimes it is embedded into the core fabric of the business, and the mind of the owner.

So just what is an Ego Shot? It is when an owner or manager discovers a critical flaw in the theme, a process, or in the operations of the business and consciously decides to do nothing. Most common is negative feedback from a customer. We see the issue, but usually cannot tell the owner or manager: they have to discover it on their own, with a bit of help. A good consultant will set the stage for the "ah-ha" moment. After this time of clarity, it should cause a ripple effect that reaches all corners of the business. The ripple effects are from the changes that will be happening. These changes need to be managed, and employees need to be informed what is going on.

Ego Shots are becoming more common because experienced owners or managers can get tunnel vision, and new owners or managers seem to know everything. They have access to information 24/7 but lack the practical experience of dealing with clients. They may have a strong understanding, but can lack the experience and finesse to apply the knowledge.

As painful as Ego Shots may be at the time they occur, the results usually open a path to the awareness that leads to building a healthy growing business. In the rare occurrence that you have not experienced an Ego Shot, the question is not if, but when it will occur. When it does, be sure you have a professional team to challenge the status quo and to manage the ripple effect on the employees.

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