Thursday, 04 August 2016 13:20

A Kick in the Butt...what's next?

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Inspiration can come from anyone and at anytime in your life. I have had the pleasure of working with an amazing woman for almost three years now. Watching her take on one thing after another, being a sounding board for ideas and seeing the creativity that pours from her when she gets on a role has really opened my eyes to countless possibilities for me. She gets me thinking. What do I have to offer? What is there for me to do? She has shown me that I do have something to offer others. That maybe just maybe someone out there could benefit from what I have to say. We have all been through something in life and maybe what I have done thus far in my life can help someone deal with what they are going through. We all need that inspiration from time to time to kick us in the butt and say Hey, What are you waiting for, GET a move on, already! She was the motivation that kicked me in the butt and said go for it. To stand up and say that it is time it stop saying that life is ok the way it is. So with her help, I’ve decided to put my life out there for others. So that hopefully someone will read this and learn from my discoveries: to open their eyes to things that they may have never thought of before. This is a journey for me and I’m already feeling as though this is what I am supposed to do. My God, is leading me to this path and I hope that you will take a walk with me.

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