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Tuesday, 29 November 2016 20:38

Finding Your Target Market

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Many organizations struggle with identifying their target markets. Many times, they have an honorable cause, which is affecting them personally, without really asking “who” it is for. They are unlikely to identify a target market and ask, “Who else will this benefit?”
"While it is relatively straightforward to develop general advertising for the masses, devoting time and resources to identify more targeted markets can help you maximize your marketing ROI." Chuck Cohn, Forbes, Feb. 6, 2015
The makeup of the targeted groups creates the “operations manuals”, especially the customer contact areas of business: customer service, sales, and marketing. Without having an accurate compass reading of your customers, you may be targeting the wrong market or a target market that is too broad/wide. A well crafted, non-burdensome survey can build a strong personal relationship with your customers in multipliable ways.
Most organizations want to touch everyone, which is impossible. We can’t market to everyone, everywhere, all the time. To not overwhelm the process, we break it down into logical steps. These steps will be monitored and updated as the target markets change. The change can be seeing a trend to a new market and changes within a working target market. If the process is done correctly, we will be selling to everyone, everywhere, and all the time
The Reputation Strategy became relevant after the economy crashed in 2008. Customer’s behaviors changed, and Reputation became an important factor in purchasing products.
A Reputation Strategy will grow your organization.

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