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Step away from the 3 inch screen

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Stop Hiding Behind Your 3inch Screen

Status Quo to Innovation

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Most people have heard or read they need to build relationships to succeed. Usually, this information is presented without the action steps you need to follow to accomplish this as a goal. Unfortunately, many fall short, simply for lack of direction or a specific plan to implement.

As the business environment continues to change, the way we do business must also continually follow the client's needs. Relationship building has replaced the diminished marketing strength of leading with the brand.
People want to buy from people, not be "sold" blindly or robotically by a brand, logo or font devoid of personality and empathy (and a face with a smile). Since it is almost impossible to start or build a relationship behind a 3-inch screen, we suggest and hope you consider trying the Reputation strategy for relationship building. Relationship Building is the primary focus of the Reputation strategy. As a business consultant, we focus on relationship building in Customer Service, Sales, and Marketing because these areas involve direct contact with clients. We facilitate and nurture the transition from status quo Brand to innovated Reputation strategy.
The 4Ds of Reputation breaks the bonds of brand status quo and moves to innovation, using reputation.

We start by (1) Discovering the level of relationship the business is currently at, then, (2) Defines the goal to (3) Development of communication channels to achieve these aims. Finally, (4) Defend, to keep us at the level we want.
We apply the 4Ds to our goal of building relationships that result in growth and streamlined business processes.


There are four stages of Relationship:
Cold: There is no connection or need for your services at this time. Typically, this is when we cold call people on a list. The list can be from a Chamber of Commerce, a local networking group, or a national organization. Many times these lists are an overlooked opportunity that business owners fail to utilize.
Warm: Potential clients found your website or heard word of mouth recommendations because of need. There is a need for your services, but they may not be ready to purchase. They have just begun the search for someone to resolve the problem.
Hot: The trifecta! This is when someone has a need; your service was recommended by someone they respect, and they are interested in and able to buy your services. They will reach out to you for your services. Get out of their way, and close the sale.
Simmer: When happy customers are recommending your services, and new customers that are willing and able to buy are calling you.
So our goal is to walk through the 4Ds to reach the Hot stage. Then, have the processes in place to remain at Simmer. As you apply the 4Ds, the next steps are revealed. There is no magic bullet or instructions with a checklist. The 4Ds is a process that can be applied to your business and its pure uniqueness. If applied correctly, the next step and actions are clear. The result of a strong relationship is a solid reputation. A solid reputation is the product of a strong relationship. It's like the chicken or the egg story. In the end, does it matter, so long as the phone is ringing

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