Stop The Madness

A 3 Point Discover Assessment (DA) of you current Social Media and Search Engine Optimization program.

Do you have goals set for Social Media and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Are you spending time and money without results?
Who manages and monitors your Social Media and SEO results?

Contact Us when you are ready to Stop the Madness!

You are not alone; Reputatus is offering a Social Media (up to two platforms) and/or an SEO, Discover Assessment (DA). The DA will research and document the current position of your business from an unbiased third party. Those findings will create a baseline so your time and money can be justified. It may also uncover needed changes to grow the business based on metrics and real-time findings. A DA eliminates best guessing, hit-or-miss, stress, and wasted time and money, which can be common when dealing with Social Media and SEO management.
The DA will include a summary of stats and/or Google rankings of your business website. The summary will be an easy to understand review of the current status of Social Media and/or Search Engine Optimization SEO standings. These reports will help you make informed decisions on where your business is and if the time and money are being well spent.



Deliverable: The report will measure and report on traffic and Google reports: Each report will include a recommendation to improve results
Social Media
2. Postings
Google rankings SEO
1. Keywords
2. Platform
3. Content
Onetime fee of $ 199.00 each or both for $350.00 (savings of $48.00)

Contact Us when you are ready to Stop the Madness!
Program created from The Reputation Factor®


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