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Reputation Strategy – “It starts with, but it’s not about you.”

The topics listed below are workshops and seminars that can be customized to solve your company’s unique issues. We approach training sessions as being a beginning of a transition to a sustainable path of growth. Our programs are sustainable because we equip your staff with the techniques and tools to be successful short and long term. We issue challenges to staff by setting performance goals in a team environment with an award system. Our programs have short term and long term professional expectations with benchmarks. We create programs in a modern, forward-leaning direction based on the Reputation Strategy to reach total customer satisfaction on a consistent base.

Customer Service
  1. Workforce Development
    • Retention
    • Hiring2016 04 14 1460665369 6416589 CustomerServiceisanAttitude
    • Millennial Focused
    • Customer Service Performance Training
 2. Assessment
 3. Building Relationships
    1. Staff
    2. Customers
    3. Vendors
    4. Media
    5. Executive management
  1. Find Your Selling Advantage
  2. Discover Your Unique Selling Differentiator
  1. 1st Impression - Personal & Professional
      • Body Language
      • Learn Your Vibe
  2. Communication
     • Message develop – Connect with customers
     • Website – Platform to content
     • Search Engine Optimization – How they work
     • Social Media – Stop wasting your time
3. Network
     • Networking with Purpose
     • Leverage Contacts
     • Designing a Vibrant Support System
     • Magic number of 150
     • Your Network Estate
Core Components
  1. Legal
  2. Banking
  3. Financial

How it works: Group or individual sessions can last 1 hour to a full day. All programs include a scheduled monthly follow up.

Contact us to for your customized needs assessment. Practical, meaningful training of today’s workforce requires engagement, inclusion, follow-up, support, accountability, and constructive real-time feedback from an objective party. Most cannot afford to “hope” or “feels” the staff works as a team. Our programs help to build a staff that is on the same page, operates seamlessly as one, and accelerates growth in revenue and customer loyalty. This allows issues to be resolved in a controlled, consistent, quiet way that is not disruptive of the company workflow.

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